Prochem Fiberdri® TM4


Fiberdri® TM4 complete with standard white brushes.


The Prochem Fiberdri® carpet cleaning system now offers the professional and in-house carpet cleaner a cost effective dry maintenance cleaning method. Designed for use on all types of carpet the machines use contra-rotating brush action to work the dry cleaning compound into the carpet pile.
The systems can be used in areas during working hours as the carpet is kept dry and the unit has a very low noise level. The cleaning and compound pick-up process is automatic with the Renovator system or can be completed by vacuuming to remove the soiled compound.


  • Brush width – 40cm/16″
  • Brush Motor – 230V 4A 400rpm
  • Weight – 19Kgs
  • Dimensions(base unit) – 23x45x25 (h x l x w)
  • Coverage – up to 100 sq.m/hr