Njord War Hammer Woolsafe Hybrid Pre-Spray 6 ltrs


Experience the ease of cleaning with War Hammer – your go-to solution for powerful and efficient carpet cleaning. Elevate your cleaning routine and achieve a refreshed space with the dynamic capabilities of War Hammer.

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Unleash War Hammer’s unmatched results across various settings, from bustling restaurants to cozy residential spaces. Safely and effectively engineered for use on synthetic carpets and upholstery.

  • Remarkably effective from just 10ml per litre, achieving Woolsafe status at 10ml per litre.
  • Boasting a pH of 10.5, its unbuffered formulation allows easy adjustment to suit specific cleaning needs.
  • Tailored for eliminating traffic lanes, ground-in, or embedded dirt with remarkable efficiency.
  • Highly effective on all soil types, thanks to its hybrid enzyme and solvent formulation.
  • Doubles as a targeted spot cleaner for precise carpet cleaning.
  • Specially formulated to address both protein-based and oil-based soiling.

Smart Design for Seamless Cleaning:

  • Intelligently utilizes solvents for penetrating surface soiling, followed by embedding enzymes underneath.
  • Ensures deeper and faster penetration compared to competitive products.
  • Emulsifies layers underneath the surface during the dwell time.
  • Stacks up against the competition and surpasses expectations.

Application Guidelines for Maximum Impact:


  1. Fill your sprayer just over halfway with water.
  2. Add 30ml per 1 litre of water.
  3. For extremely heavy soiling: Utilize 60ml per 1 litre.

Inline Sprayers:

  1. Fill your sprayer just over halfway with water.
  2. Incorporate 1.5 litres of chemical.
  3. Generously spray, making overlapping passes.

Spot Cleaner:

  1. Mix your sprayer at 50% water, 50% chemical (1:1).
  2. Apply conservatively, agitate with a tamping brush.
  3. Use a white terry towel to remove stains and extract residue for a spotless finish.